Our Company


CMF Delivery was founded with a commitment to provide a better over- night delivery service. We are a customer-driven courier and messenger service, with three locations to service you. We are located in San Diego CA, Anaheim, CA .. We serve a wide range of clientele though-out California. We offer competitive prices and an experienced professional staff. We pride ourselves in the excellent service, speed and personalized attention that all our clients receive.

At CMF Delivery we keep on top of the details, like monitoring frequency and volume for each customer. Often, we can anticipate your changing needs, and find ways to meet them quickly before a problem even arises.

When you chose CMF Delivery you are choosing one of Southern California’s largest contract courier and messenger services. We are specialists in the courier industry with more than 40 years of experience. With a State wide network of couriers, CMF can service small businesses to large corporations. With a 40-year track record, chances are we’ve seen it before, done it before, and if we haven’t, our experience helps us find solutions. Fast.

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